Diagnostic accuracy of RVFV FMIA for sheep and cattle serum samplesa

Serum samplesBead setCutoff (MFI) determined by TG-ROC analysis% Sensitivity (95% CI)% Specificity (95% CI)YI (%)AUC (%)
CattleNp2,50094 (89–97)92 (88–95)8595
Gn3,80089 (85–92)67 (59–75)5683
SheepNp13,00098 (97–99)97 (83–100)9599
Gn9,40099 (97–99)51 (37–65)5074
Series (sheep)8398
Parallel (sheep)9962
  • a Disease status was categorized by VNT results. The cutoff values were determined by two-graph receiver operating characteristic (TG-ROC) analysis. CI, confidence interval; YI, Youden's index; AUC, area under the curve.