Table 1

Identical genotypes in sets of N. gonorrhoeae isolates obtained from different anatomical sites of the same patient and from couples using NG-MLVA, NG-MAST, and full-length porB sequencing

Typing methodaNo. (%) of patients or couples with sets of isolates with an identical genotype
Patients (n = 118)Couples (n = 54)
NG-MLVA (NLV)77 (65.3)40 (74.1)
NG-MLVA (NLV+SLV)102 (86.4)47 (87.0)
NG-MAST97 (82.2)44 (81.5)
porB sequencing94 (79.7)47 (87.0)
  • a NG-MLVA, N. gonorrhoeae multiple-locus variable-number tandem-repeat analysis; NLV, no locus variant; SLV, single-locus variant; NG-MAST, N. gonorrhoeae multiantigen sequence typing.