Table 5

Comparison of Staph ID/R to rpoB or 16S rRNA gene sequencing and mecA PCR for clinical blood cultures

rpoB or 16S rRNA/mecA assay result (no. of blood cultures)aStaph ID/R result (no. of blood cultures)b
S. aureusc (19)S. aureus (19)
S. aureusc/mecA (6)S. aureus/mecA (6)
S. epidermidisc (8)S. epidermidis (8)
S. epidermidisc/mecA (40)S. epidermidis/mecA (40)
S. hominisc (2)S. hominis (2)
S. hominisc/mecA (4)S. hominis/mecA (4)
S. haemolyticusc/mecA (1)S. haemolyticus/mecA (1)
S. warneric (2)S. warneri/S. pasteuri (2)
S. warneric/mecA (7)S. warneri/S. pasteuri/mecA (7)
S. capitisc (2)S. capitis/S. caprae (2)
S. saccharolyticusc (1)Staphylococcus (no species identification) (1)
E. faecalisd (2)E. faecalis (2)
Streptococcus mitisd (1)Non-Staphylococcus (1)
Streptococcus agalactiaed (1)Non-Staphylococcus (1)
Kocuria krisinaed (1)Non-Staphylococcus (1)
Enterococcus duransd (1)Non-Staphylococcus (1)
Micrococcus luteusd (1)Non-Staphylococcus (1)
S. epidermidisc/S. haemolyticusc/mecA (1)S. epidermidis/S. haemolyticus/mecA (1)
E. faecalisd/S. epidermidis/mecA (1)E. faecalis/S. epidermidis/mecA (1)
S. haemolyticusc/S. aureusc/mecA (1)S. haemolyticus/S. aureus/mecA (1)
S. epidermidisc/S. aureusc/mecA (1)S. epidermidis/S. aureus/mecA (1)
E. faecalisd/S. epidermidisc/S. hominis/mecA (1)E. faecalis/S. epidermidis/S. hominis/mecA (1)
  • a Results from colonies recovered from frozen blood culture broth.

  • b Results directly from frozen blood culture broth.

  • c Determined by rpoB gene sequencing.

  • d Determined by 16S rRNA gene sequencing.