Table 5

Association between the evolution of serum galactomannan during the follow-up and positive clinical response at day 45

GM evolutionaOR (95% CI)b
All patientsPossible IA excluded
GM −/−11
GM +/−3.50 (0.61–20.1)6.50 (1.00–42.2)
GM −/+0.23 (0.04–1.18)0.29 (0.04–1.98)
GM +/+0.06 (0.01–0.57)0.11 (0.01–1.17)
  • a GM, serum galactomannan; GM−/−, patients with a negative serum GM index at baseline and whose GM index remained negative throughout the follow-up (n = 20 including 8 possible IA); GM+/−, patients with a positive baseline GM index that became consistently negative during the follow-up (n = 16 including no possible IA); GM−/+, patients who had a transient negative GM index during the follow-up and a subsequent positive GM index (n = 11 including 1 possible IA); GM+/+, patients with a positive GM index at baseline that remained positive during the follow-up (n = 10 including no possible IA).

  • b OR, odds ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; IA, invasive aspergillosis.