Table 1

Antimicrobial copper alloys used to surface or fabricate frequently touched items

ObjectCopper alloy(s)Component(s) fabricatedDescription% copper content
IV standC710 and C706Pole(s)Copper nickel80 and 90
C693IV hanger loopsBrass75
C87610BaseSilicon bronze90
C706HandleCopper nickel90
C706BracketsCopper nickel90
Patient bed—side railsC110Top of railsCopper99.99
Over-bed tableC706Table topCopper nickel90
C110Table bottomCopper99.9
C464Release leverNaval brass60
Visitor chair (arms)C706Arm restsCopper nickel90
Nurse call buttonC638ButtonsAluminum bronze80
C260Clamshell (hospitals 1 and 3)Cartridge brass80
Computer mouseC260Computer mouse (hospital 2 only)Cartridge brass70
Data input deviceC524Base of monitor bezel (hospitals 1 and 2)Phosphor-bronze90
C710Laptop palm rest (hospital 3 only)Copper nickel80