Table 1

Primers and probes used in the rhinovirus PCR and sequencing assays

Assay, primer, or probeSequence
Rhinovirus in-house PCR
    Forward primer 1GACARGGTGTGAAGAGCC
    Forward primer 2GACATGGTGTGAAGACYC
Rhinovirus sequencing
    Forward primer P1 (all steps)CAAGCACTTCTGTYWCCCC
    Reverse primer P3 (first-round PCR assay)ACGGACACCCAAAGTAG
    Reverse primer P2-1 (seminested PCR and sequencing reaction)TTAGCCACATTCAGGGGC
    Reverse primer P2-2 (seminested PCR and sequencing reaction)TTAGCCACATTCAGGAGCC
    Reverse primer P2-3 (seminested PCR and sequencing reaction)TTAGCCGCATTCAGGGG
  • a TAMRA, 6-carboxytetramethylrhodamine.