Table 2

Serial rhinovirus PCR results and symptomatology from an adult with cystic fibrosisa

Date of specimen collectionSymptom(s) of URTI?Pulmonary exacerbation?Rhinovirus PCR result (cycle threshold value [specimen no.])Sample sequenced?
Nose swabThroat swabSputum
21 January 2011NoNoNegNegPos (33)No
4 March 2011YesYesPos (41 [M11914546])Pos (38 [M11914547])Yes
3 June 2011NoNoNegNegPos (34)No
8 July 2011NoYesNegNegNo
31 August 2011YesNoNegNegPos (33)No
2 November 2011NoNoNegNegPos (31 [M11960169])Yes
30 November 2011YesNoNegNegPos (34)No
4 January 2012NoNoPos (39)NegPos (35 [M12890805])Yes
21 March 2013NoNoPos (35 [M13907462])Yes
  • ↵a Specimen identity numbers beginning with “M” identify the samples shown in Fig. 1. All samples from the patient were PCR negative for adenovirus, influenza A and B virus, metapneumovirus, parainfluenza 1 to 3, and respiratory syncytial virus. URTI, upper respiratory tract infection; Neg, negative; Pos, positive.