Table 1

Sensitivity of MALDI-TOF MS in the identification of A. urinae and A. sanguinicola

Species (n)a according to:Median score (range)bSpecies (n)a according to Vitek 2Median % probability (range)
16S rRNA gene sequencingMALDI-TOF MS
A. urinae (22)A. urinae (22)2.25 (2.08–2.39)A. urinae (10)94 (87–99)
Granulicatella adiacens (5)96 (91–98)
Low discriminationb (5), unidentified (2)
A. sanguinicola (19)A. sanguinicola (19)2.25 (2.08–2.39)A. viridans (18)95 (86–97)
Unidentified (1)
  • a n, number of isolates.

  • b Gives the same probability for more than one species.