Table 1

Subject characteristics

Aspergillosis status and subject no.Age (yr)SexDiagnosisaTherapybHR CT of the lungscGalactomannan level (ng/ml) ind:Cultures positive for Aspergillus spp.EORTC classificationRemarks
SerumBAL fluid
Probable/proven aspergillosis
    162FAMLInductionP0.12.3NoProbableConcurrent influenza (H1N1)
No aspergillosis
    665FAMLInductionP0.10.3NoNoBacterial pneumonia
    746FAMLInductionN0.1n.p.NoNoLeft-sided pleural fluid
    1063MAMLInductionN0.1n.p.NoNoBacterial pneumonia
    1174MAMLInductionN0.1n.p.NoNoBilateral pleural fluid
  • a AML, acute myeloid leukemia; ALL, acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

  • b Induction, induction chemotherapy; R-VIM, rituximab-etoposide-iphosphamide-methotrexate.

  • c HR, high-resolution; P, positive as a clinical EORTC criterion; N, negative as a clinical EORTC criterion.

  • d n.p., not performed.

  • e The group was 40% female.

  • f The group was 67% female.