Table 4

Comparison of time, cost, and level of training required for routine identification of one isolate using the different techniques in our clinical laboratory

Identification techniqueTime required for identification of one isolateCost (euros)Level of training
Gram staining6 min0.6Medium to high
API system identification (bioMérieux)18–48 h4.6–6Medium
Vitek 2 system identification (bioMérieux)5–8 h5.9–8.23Medium
Molecular identification by 16S rRNA or rpoB sequencing24 h137.7Medium to high
MALDI-TOF MS by AutoFlex II system (Brüker Daltonik)6–8 min 30 s1.43Low to medium
MALDI-TOF MS by MicroFlex LT mass spectrometer (Brüker Daltonik)1 min 46 s1.35Low to medium