Table 1

Summary of 11 years of bacterial identification in our laboratorya

Identification technique (study period [day-mo-yr])Study period (no. of months)Total no. of analysesNo. of clonal isolatesNo. of isolates identified by 1st PIDNo. of species identified by 1st PIDNo. of bacterial species identified/yearNo. of isolates confirmed by 2nd PIDNo. of isolates identified by molecular identificationNo. of isolates misidentified by 1st PID% misidentified
CPI period (1-Jan-02 to 30-Aug-09)91322,291175,999174,636336446207431,3630.77
MALDI-TOF MS period (1-Sep-09 to 30-Dec-12)40177,888110,843110,263382112505305800.52
    AutoFlex II (1-Sep-09 to 30-Nov-10)1552,69534,83934,497264211323103420.98
    MicroFlex (1-Dec-10 to 31-Dec-12)25125,19376,00475,766340163182202380.31
  • a We identified 459 bacterial species among 284,899 clinical isolates during nearly 11 years. We identified 112 species per year using MALDI-TOF MS compared with 44 identified using conventional phenotypic identification (CPI) (Gram staining, API, Vitek 2 system identification). PID, phenotypic identification.