Table 1

Relationships between genus names of anamorphs and teleomorphs of ascomycetous and basidiomycetous arthroconidial yeasts used in this study (2)b

TeleomorphAnamorphCommonly known synonyms
Galactomyces candidus (2004)aGeotrichum candidum (1832)Geotrichum candidum (1809), Oospora lactis (1931), Geotrichum silvicola (2012), Geotrichum bryndzae (2012)
Magnusiomyces capitatus (2004)aSaprochaete capitata (2004)Trichosporon capitatum (1942), Geotrichum capitatum (1977), Blastoschizomyces capitatus (1985), Dipodascus capitatus (1986)
UnknownSaprochaete suaveolens (2004)aOidium suaveolens (1913), Oospora fragrans (1923), Geotrichum fragrans (1964), Geotrichum suaveolens (1966)
UnknownSaprochaete clavata (2004)aGeotrichum clavatum (1986)
UnknownGuehomyces pullulans (2004)aTrichosporon pullulans (1942)
UnknownTrichosporon spp. (1890)a
  • a Currently used names.

  • b Years of publication are indicated in parentheses.