Table 1

Loci at which polymorphisms were identified between samples of the same sequence type, obtained from the same patient

LocusFunctionNo. of patients with polymorphisms
CAMP0044 (Cj0045c)Putative iron-binding protein9
CAMP1223 (Cj1305c)aHypothetical protein9
CAMP1224 (Cj1306c)aHypothetical protein9
CAMP0631 (cipA)Invasion protein CipA5
CAMP0575 (Cj0617)aHypothetical protein4
CAMP1413 (Cj1506c)Putative MCP-type signal transduction protein4
CAMP1228 (Cj1310c)Hypothetical protein4
CAMP1213 (Cj1295)Conserved hypothetical protein3
CAMP1214 (Cj1296)Hypothetical protein3
CAMP1236 (maf1)bMotility accessory factor3
CAMP1250 (pseD)bPseD protein3
CAMP1252 (maf4)bMotility accessory factor3
CAMP1253 (pseE)bPseE protein3
CAMP1257 (maf6)bMotility accessory factor3
CAMP0254 (cheV)Chemotaxis protein2
CAMP0637 (Cj0691)Hypothetical protein2
CAMP0751 (Cj0816)Hypothetical protein2
CAMP0974 (cjeI)Restriction modification enzyme2
CAMP1031 (Cj1110c)Putative MCP-type signal transduction protein2
CAMP1258 (maf7)aMotility accessory factor2
CAMP1331 (Cj1420c)Putative methyltransferase2
CAMP1256 (Cj1340c)bHypothetical protein2
CAMP0010 (rnhB)Probable RNase HII1
CAMP0019 (Cj0019c)Putative MCP-domain signal transduction protein1
CAMP0052 (fliM)Flagellar motor switch protein FliM1
CAMP0068 (cdtB)Cytolethal distending toxin B1
CAMP0157 (Cj0170)Hypothetical protein1
CAMP0167 (tonB1)Putative TonB-dependent outer membrane receptor1
CAMP0202 (nrdF)Ribonucleotide diphosphate reductase subunit beta1
CAMP0208 (cynT)Carbonic anhydrase1
CAMP0219 (Cj0249)Hypothetical protein1
CAMP0252 (cheW)Chemotaxis protein1
CAMP0253 (cheA)Chemotaxis histidine kinase1
CAMP0363 (gatC)Aspartyl/glutamyl-tRNA amidotransferase subunit C1
CAMP0573 (pstA)Putative phosphate-transport system permease protein1
CAMP0586 (Cj0628)Putative lipoprotein1
CAMP0624 (kdpB)Potassium-transporting ATPase subunit B1
CAMP0687 (Cj0741)Hypothetical protein1
CAMP0714 (tpx)Thiol peroxidase1
CAMP0749 (Cj0814)Hypothetical protein1
CAMP0750 (Cj0815)Hypothetical protein1
CAMP0803 (Cj0874c)Putative cytochrome c1
CAMP0822 (aroA)3-Phosphoshikimate 1-carboxyvinyltransferase1
CAMP0849 (cheR)Putative MCP methyltransferase1
CAMP0851 (rpiB)Ribose 5-phosphate isomerase1
CAMP0898 (Cj0975)Putative outer membrane protein1
CAMP0899 (Cj0976)Putative methyltransferase1
CAMP0950 (gyrA)DNA gyrase subunit A1
CAMP1064 (neuA1)Two-domain bifunctional protein1
CAMP1097 (Cj1178c)Highly acidic protein1
CAMP1108 (cetB)Bipartate energy taxis response protein CetB1
CAMP1109 (cetA)Bipartate energy taxis response protein CetA1
CAMP1123 (atpB)F0F1-ATP synthase subunit A1
CAMP1124 (radA)DNA repair protein RadA1
CAMP1143 (Cj1224)Putative iron-binding protein1
CAMP1165 (uvrC)Excinuclease ABC subunit C1
CAMP1181 (racS)Two-component sensor (histidine kinase)1
CAMP1243 (Cj1325)Putative methyltransferase1
CAMP1255 (flaA)Flagellin1
CAMP1283 (Cj1367c)Putative nucleotidyltransferase1
CAMP1396 (ccoQ)Cb-type cytochrome c oxidase subunit IV1
CAMP1422 (Cj1516)Putative periplasmic oxidoreductase1
CAMP1442 (Cj1542)Putative allophanate hydrolase subunit 11
CAMP1510 (chuA)Hemin uptake system outer membrane receptor1
CAMP1527 (Cj1631c)Conserved hypothetical protein1
CAMP1572 (Cj1677)Putative lipoprotein1
CAMP1581 (secY)Preprotein translocase subunit SecY1
CAMP1631 (kdpA)Pseudogene (potassium-transporting ATPase A chain)1
  • a Member of the 617 family of variable genes (24).

  • b Member of the 1318 family of variable genes (24).