Table 2

Loci at which polymorphisms were identified between samples within clusters of a group of 13 related isolates, as identified by whole-genome MLST

LocusFunctionAllelic variant present
Cluster 1Cluster 2Cluster 3
BACT000040 (rplK)50S ribosomal protein12912912913321291332129129
CAMP0117 (Cj0129c)Outer membrane protein262626262626100100
CAMP0848 (pebC)ABC-type amino acid transporter ATP-binding protein1111115555
CAMP0850 (cheB')Putative MCP-glutamate methylesterase111114811
CAMP0898 (Cj0975)aPutative outer membrane protein888881588
CAMP1031 (Cj1110c)aPutative MCP-type signal transduction protein115556155551
CAMP1097 (Cj1178c)aHighly acidic protein3151513143315143
CAMP1223 (Cj1305c)aHypothetical protein393939102b103b565639
CAMP1331 (Cj1420c)aPutative methyltransferase68b40404040404040
CAMP1413 (Cj1506c)aPutative MCP-type signal transduction protein511111111
CAMP1558 (Cj1663)Putative ABC transport system ATP-binding protein2121212121216060
  • a Locus also identified in same-patient isolates.

  • b Involves a change in the homopolymeric tract length of the assigned allele, compared with the consensus sequence for this open reading frame in strain NCTC11168.