Table 1

Origins of CTX-M-2- and CTX-M-14 ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae isolates other than CTX-M-2-producing K. pneumoniae and E. coli

IsolateIsolation date, farm, and cowBacterial speciesCTX-M genotypeTEM or SHV genotype
MCKo1July 2008, F, 20K. oxytocaCTX-M-2OKP-A
MCKo2Sept. 2008, H, 22K. oxytocaCTX-M-2TEM-1
MCKo3May 2009, O, 30K. oxytocaCTX-M-2TEM-1
MCEa1Sep. 2009, H, 36E. aerogenesCTX-M-2Negative
MCKo4Jan. 2010, M, 42K. oxytocaCTX-M-2Negative
MCCk1Apr. 2010, U, 47C. koseriCTX-M-2Negative
MCCk2Apr. 2010, V, 48C. koseriCTX-M-2Negative
MCKo5Aug. 2010, F, 50K. oxytocaCTX-M-2SHV-1
MCKo6Sept. 2010, F, 53K. oxytocaCTX-M-2Negative
MCK45Nov. 2010, Y, 57K. pneumoniaeCTX-M-14Negative
MCK46Nov. 2010, Y, 57K. pneumoniaeCTX-M-14Negative