Correlation coefficients for interassay comparisons at viral loads of <1,000 copies/mla

Assay detection (at <1,000 copies/ml)Correlation coefficients of discordant results of ≥1,000 copies/ml
AmplicorRealTimeTaqMan v1TaqMan v2
TaqMan v10.450.540.69
TaqMan v20.800.780.68
  • a Correlation coefficients of the interassay comparisons were calculated using the results with a restriction of at least one viral load assay giving a result of <1,000 copies/ml. The assay restricted to <1,000 copies/ml is shown in the left-hand column, and its comparator assay is indicated in the columns. For example, when TaqMan v1 was restricted to values of <1,000 copies/ml, the matching Amplicor test results had an R value of 0.45. Conversely, when the Amplicor test was restricted to <1,000 copies/ml, the matching TaqMan v1 results had an R value of 0.52.

  • b NA, not available.