Comparison of cultured isolates to genera detected by 16S rRNA sequence in urine samples

UrineIsolate culturedCFU/ml% of sequences per sample (genus level classification)
OAB18Lactobacillus jensenii>1,00086.6
Gardnerella vaginalis>1,00013.0
OAB21Lactobacillus jensenii14092.4a
Lactobacillus iners120
Gardnerella vaginalis404.9
OAB23Gardnerella vaginalis>1,00080.0
Rothia dentocariosaBrothbNot detected
Streptococcus anginosus600.07
Aerococcus urinae50, 600.13
Enterococcus faecalisBrothb0.001
OAB26Gardnerella vaginalis30097.2
  • a Sequence data cannot distinguish between species.

  • b Cultured in thioglycolate broth; therefore, unable to determine starting CFU/ml.