Clinical source and significance for 19 patients with isolation of M. avium subsp. avium (serotype 1) or M. avium subsp. avium (serotype 2, 3) or silvaticum

M. avium subsp. avium serotype + sourceTotalEvidence of infection
DefiniteProbablePossible or part of mixContaminant
Serotype 1
    BAL and/or bronchial wash7232
    Lung tissue321
Serotype 2, 3 or M. avium subsp. silvaticum
    BAL fluid and/or bronchial washa43b1
  • a BAL, bronchoalveolar lavage.

  • b Data include one with two isolates spanning 2 weeks.

  • c From abdominal tissue.

  • d From pelvic abscess.