Gene content of the E. coli virulence database

GeneDescriptionaNo. of variants in the database
astAHeat-stable enterotoxin 111
bfpAMajor subunit of bundle-forming pili5
cbaColicin B15
cdtBCytolethal distending toxin B14
celbEndonuclease colicin E210
cfa_cColonization factor antigen I4
cifType III secreted effector4
cmaColicin M19
cnf1Cytotoxic necrotizing factor7
cofALongus type IV pilus subunit1
eatASerine protease autotransporters of Enterobacteriaceae (SPATE)3
efa1EHEC factor for adherence11
epeASerine protease autotransporters of Enterobacteriaceae1
espAType III secretion system23
espBSecreted protein B14
espCSerine protease autotransporters of Enterobacteriaceae3
espFType III secretion system13
espISerine protease autotransporters of Enterobacteriaceae2
espJProphage-encoded type III secretion system effector2
espPPutative exoprotein precursor4
etpDType II secretion protein3
f17ASubunit A of F17 fimbrial protein7
f17GAdhesin subunit of F17 fimbriae9
fanAInvolved in biogenesis of K99/F5 fimbriae1
fasAFimbrial 987P/F6 subunit1
fedAFimbrial protein F107 subunit A3
fedFFimbrial adhesin AC precursor6
fim41aMature Fim41a/F41 protein2
gadGlutamate decarboxylase70
hlyEAvian E. coli hemolysin1
ihaAdherence protein19
ipaDInvasion protein Shigella flexneri9
ipaH9.8Invasion plasmid antigen8
ireASiderophore receptor4
iroNEnterobactin siderophore receptor protein13
issIncreased serum survival14
K88abK88/F4 protein subunit10
katPPlasmid-encoded catalase peroxidase1
lngALongus type IV pilus2
lpfALong polar fimbriae11
ltcAHeat-labile enterotoxin A subunit17
mchBMicrocin H47 part of colicin H2
mchCMchC protein6
mchFABC transporter protein MchF15
mcmAMicrocin M part of colicin H4
nfaEDiffuse adherence fibrillar adhesin gene5
nleANon-LEE-encoded effector A18
nleBNon-LEE-encoded effector B14
nleCNon-LEE-encoded effector C6
perAEPEC adherence factor19
petAutotransporter enterotoxin1
picSerine protease autotransporters of Enterobacteriaceae6
prfBP-related fimbrial regulatory gene22
rpeASerine protease autotransporters of Enterobacteriaceae1
satSerine protease autotransporters of Enterobacteriaceae6
senBPlasmid-encoded enterotoxin3
sepASerine protease autotransporters of Enterobacteriaceae7
sfaSS-fimbrial minor subunit1
sigASerine protease autotransporters of Enterobacteriaceae2
sta1Heat-stabile enterotoxin ST-Ia2
stbHeat-stabile enterotoxin II3
stx1AShiga-like toxin 1 A-subunit18
stx1BShiga-like toxin 1 B-subunit14
stx2AShiga toxin 2 subunit A114
stx2BShiga toxin 2 subunit B43
subASubtilase toxin subunit5
saaSTEC autoagglutinating adhesin1
tccPTir cytoskeleton coupling protein34
tirTranslocated intimin receptor protein36
toxBToxin B4
tshSerine protease autotransporters of Enterobacteriaceae3
vatSerine protease autotransporters of Enterobacteriaceae7
virFVirF transcriptional activator3
  • a LEE, locus of enterocyte effacement.