Hands-on and automation times for processing 96 testsa on five automated instruments

Stage of assay processingTime (h:min:s) for:
m2000 RealTimeViper XTRbcobas 4800TigrisPanther
Preanalytical interaction0:02:350:04:430:02:460:03:340:02:05
Reagent prepn and loading0:08:510:12:070:05:100:04:450:04:49
Sample prepn and loading0:09:360:08:080:15:580:08:510:06:56
In-process interaction2 visits, 0:02:00None1 visit, 0:02:25NoneNone
Postanalytical interaction0:09:300:10:060:08:000:03:030:03:46
Daily maintenance0:25:051:05:480:06:000:08:170:03:26
Total hands-on time0:57:571:40:520:40:190:28:300:21:02
  • a Second-generation assays for C. trachomatis and N. gonorrhoeae in vaginal swabs and urine samples.

  • b Viper XTR was used in walk-away mode.