Identification of the 168 clinical strains using either MALDI-TOF MS or microscopya

Correct species identification (multilocus sequencing)Identification (n) by:
MicroscopyMALDI-TOF MS
Arthroderma benhamiae (5)T. mentagrophytes (5)A. benhamiae (5)
M. audouinii (6)M. audouinii (6)
M. canis (1)M. canis (1)
M. gypseum (1)M. gypseum (1)
T. interdigitale (29)T. interdigitale (29)
Trichophyton rubrum (122)T. rubrum (117)T. rubrum (122)
T. interdigitale (4)
T. tonsurans (1)
Trichophyton tonsurans (2)T. tonsurans (1)T. tonsurans (2)
T. rubrum (1)
T. violaceum (2)T. violaceum (2)
Total93% (157)100% (168)
  • a If different identification results were obtained, multilocus sequencing was used as the gold standard.