Observed BSI caused by K. pneumoniae during the study perioda

YrNo. of K. pneumoniae BSINo. (%) of K. pneumoniae isolates that were:Colistin consumptiond
Carbapenemase sensitiveCarbapenemase resistantbCOLr CRKPb,c
20092928 (97)1 (3)0 (0; 0)0.004
20104938 (78)11 (22)*1 (3; 9)0.013
20117644 (58)32 (42)*4 (5; 12)0.018
201212846 (36)82 (64)*53 (41; 65)*0.014
20139332 (34)61 (66)35 (38; 57)0.015
Total375188 (50)187 (50)93 (25; 50)
  • a Numbers and proportions of BSI cases caused by carbapenem-susceptible, carbapenem-resistant, and carbapenem- and colistin-resistant (COLr CRKP) strains. For patients with recurrent BSI episodes, only the first episode was considered.

  • b An asterisk indicates that the difference in the proportion of resistant isolates was statistically significantly different (P < 0.05) from that for the previous year. For statistical analysis, the chi-squared test with Yates' correction or Fisher's exact test (as appropriate) was used.

  • c Proportions are reported in relation to both K. pneumoniae BSI and CRKP BSI. (Values are shown in parentheses and separated by semicolons.) COLr K. pneumoniae was only observed among CRKP cases.

  • d Data on colistin consumption in the hospital during the study period, expressed as the defined daily dose per 1,000 inhabitants per day, are also reported.