Characterization of the 59 COLr CRKP isolates investigated in this work

No. of isolatesPFGE profileaSTKPC variantStatus of mgrB locusbStatus of PmrA and PmrBcYr of isolation (n)
50A512KPC-3Δnt109/119 (frameshift and premature termination)NT2011 (1)
2012 (19)
2013 (30)
1A512KPC-3Insertional inactivation by ISKpn26 at nt 75 (FW)PmrA WT2013
5A512KPC-3WTPmrA WT2012 (2)
PmrB WT2013 (3)
2B101KPC-2WTPmrAC650T2012 (1)
PmrB WT2013 (1)
1C101KPC-2WTPmrAC650T2012 (1)
  • a Different PFGE profiles were defined as differences of more than 4 bands.

  • b The nucleotide (nt) numbers indicate the positions of deletions (Δ) or of the insertion site of the insertion sequence ISKpn26; numbering is in reference to the coding sequence of the mgrB gene (accession no. AVFC01000053, region 155460 to 155655), considering number 1 as the first base of the GTG start codon. FW, the transposase gene is in the same orientation as the mgrB gene; WT, wild-type sequence.

  • c NT, not tested; PmrB WT, wild-type deduced PmrB protein sequence, identical to that of KPB-1 (15) (accession no. NZ_AYOV00000000); PmrA WT, wild-type deduced PmrA protein sequence, identical to that of KPB-1 (accession no. NZ_AYOV00000000).