Carba NP and Rapid CARB Screen test results for carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae and P. aeruginosaa

Isolate (n)MIC (μg/ml) by BMDResult of:
Rapid Carb ScreenCarba NP
IPMMPMEPM1 μl3 μl5 μl1 μl3 μl5 μl
KPC producing (13)
    ARUP-1 (K. pneumoniae)8>8>8++++++
    ARUP-2 (K. pneumoniae)>8>8>8Ind+++++
    ARUP-3 (K. pneumoniae)8>8>8++++++
    ARUP-4 (K. pneumoniae)>8>8>8++++++
    ARUP-5 (E. coli)48>8++++++
    ARUP-6 (K. pneumoniae)8>8>8++++++
    ARUP-7 (K. pneumoniae)8>8>8++++++
    ARUP-8 (K. pneumoniae)48>8Ind+++++
    ARUP-9 (K. pneumoniae)448Ind+++++
    ARUP-10 (K. pneumoniae)488++++++
    ARUP-11 (K. pneumoniae)>8>8>8Ind+++++
    ARUP-12 (K. pneumoniae)448++++++
    ATCC BAA 1705 (K. pneumoniae)8>8>8++++++
NDM producing (14)
    ATCC BAA-2471 (E. coli)>8>8>8Ind+++++
    ATCC BAA-2146 (K. pneumoniae)>8>8>8IndInd++++
    ATCC BAA-2469 (E. coli)8>8>8IndInd++++
    ATCC BAA-2472 (K. pneumoniae)>8>8>8Ind+++++
    ATCC BAA-2473 (K. pneumoniae)>8>8>8Ind+++++
    ATCC BAA-2452 (E. coli)48>8Ind++++
    CHOP-1 (K. pneumoniae)>8>8>8Ind+++++
    CHLA-1 (130541189) (K. pneumoniae)48>8IndInd+IndInd
    CHLA-2 (121260484) (E. coli)>8>8>8IndInd+++
    CHLA-3 (130340513) (K. pneumoniae)48>8IndIndInd-++
    ARUP-B1279 (K. pneumoniae)8>8>8++++++
    MAYO- EC (E. coli)8>8>8IndInd++++
    MAYO-2 (K. pneumoniae)>8>8>8Ind+++++
    Jefferson-45 (K. pneumoniae)>8>8>8IndInd++++
VIM producing (7)
    CHOP-2 (P. aeruginosa)>88-++++++
    K. pneumoniae (CDC 1002235)>8>8>8-+++++
    P. aeruginosa (CDC 1200559)>8>8>8IndInd+++
    E. cloacae (CDC 1301491)410.5Ind+++++
    K. pneumoniae (CDC 1301489)442++++++
    Jefferson-77 (P. aeruginosa)>8>8-Ind+++++
    Jefferson-78 (P. aeruginosa)>8>8-++++++
IMP producing (1)
    Jefferson-74 (K. pneumoniae)<0.5<0.5<0.25IndIndInd+
OXA-48 producing (4)
    Jefferson-72 (K. pneumoniae)224Ind+Ind+
    Jefferson-75 (E. coli)248IndIndInd+
    Jefferson-76 (K. pneumoniae)224Ind+Ind+
    Jefferson-73 (K. pneumoniae)4>8>8Ind
  • a BMD, broth microdilution using Trek panel GN4F; IPM, imipenem; MPM, meropenem; EPM, ertapenem; Ind, indeterminate.