Identification of Cloacibacillus and Cloacibacillus-like 16S rRNA sequences deposited in GenBank to the species level, their isolation sites, and relevant clinical data

16S rRNA gene sequence identification in GenBankaStrain name (GenBank accession no.)Identification based on ≥99% homology with type strainIsolation siteClinical diagnosisHuman clinical relevance
C. evryensis158T (CU463952)C. evryensisEnvironmentNAbNo
C. evryensisLSPQ-04215 (KM881707)C. evryensisBloodBacteremiaYes
C. evryensisLSPQ-04216 (KM881708)C. evryensisBloodBacteremiaYes
Synergistes sp.RMA16088 (DQ412718)C. evryensisPeritoneal fluidNAYes
Synergistes sp.NML05A017 (EF551161)C. evryensisBloodNAYes
Synergistes sp.RMA 14605 (DQ412717)C. evryensisPeritoneal fluidNAYes
Synergistes sp.ADV66 (EF468684)C. evryensisNANANA
Synergistes sp.RMA 15677 (EU476080)C. evryensisPeritoneal fluidNAYes
C. porcorumCL-84T (JQ809697)C. porcorumEnvironnmentNANo
C. porcorumLSPQ-04226 (KP851977)C. porcorumBloodBacteremiaYes
Synergistes sp.RMA 16290(DQ412721)C. porcorumPeritoneal fluidNAYes
Synergistes sp.NML96A088 (EF551160)C. porcorumBloodNAYes
Synergistes sp.NML060450 (EF551162)C. porcorumBloodNAYes
Synergistetes bacteriumRK1 (JN585290)C. porcorumDigestive tract of red Kangaroo (Macropus rufus)NANo
Synergistetes bacteriumEF1 (JN585291)C. porcorumEmu (Dromaius novaehollandiae) fecesNANo
BacteriumNLAE-zl-C457 (JQ608160)C. porcorumCow fecesNANo
Synergistetes sp.LBVCM1157 (GQ258969)C. porcorumBloodNAYes
Synergistes jonesii78-1T (L08066)C. porcorumRumen tractNANo
  • a The two C. evryensis strains and the C. porcorum strain isolated in this study are underlined.

  • b NA, not available.