Summary of English-language literature search resultsa

Authors (reference)Yr publishedInfectionTherapyOutcome
Roth et al. (4)2000Cavitary lung disease (immunocompetent)RHE, protionamide, CIPRO and lobectomyInfection eradicated
van Hest et al. (7)2004Nodular lung disease and pneumothorax (immunocompetent)RHZE, then REInfection eradicated
van Hest et al. (7)2004Cavitary lung diseaseRH, CLARI, LEVOUnknown
Godreuil et al. (8)2006Flexor tenosynovitis of hand (immunocompetent)Flexor tenosynovectomy; no medical therapyInfection eradicated
Jaureguy et al. (9)2007Cavitary and nodular lung disease (immunocompetent)RHZ, then CLARI, E, and MOXInfection eradicated
Elyousfi et al. (10)2009RA-associated lumbar spondylodiskitisRHZE, then CLARI, MOX, RUnknown
McBride et al. (11)2009Axillary lymphadenitis (immunocompetent)Axillary node dissection; no medical therapyInfection eradicated
Ahmed et al. (12)2010HIV-associated dissemination (blood culture)INH, CLARI, MOX, R, ARTInfection eradicated
van Ingen et al. (2)2010Porcine lymphadenitisNANA
Chan et al. (13)2011PD-associated peritonitisPD catheter removal and fluid drainage; no medical therapyInfection eradicated
Morimoto et al. (14)2011Pneumonia (immunocompetent)MER, then MOX, then CLARIInfection eradicated
Elze et al. (1)2013Feline disseminated diseaseNANA
Carpenter and Graf (this study)2015AIDS-associated lumbar osteomyelitis and diskitisRHZE, then RHFavorable clinical response with ongoing therapy
  • a R, rifampin/rifabutin; H, isoniazid; Z, pyrazinamide; E, ethambutol; CIPRO, ciprofloxacin; CLARI, clarithromycin; LEVO, levofloxacin; MOX, moxifloxacin; ART, antiretroviral therapy; PD, peritoneal dialysis; MER, meropenem; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; NA, not applicable.