Minimized cost of fluorescent PCR ribotyping reagents

Purchased itemVendorList price ($)Units per 96-well plateShipping cost ($)Cost per 96-well plate ($)
PCR reagent
    Forward primer (standard desalting)IDTDNAa7.0046.043.750.23
    FAM-labeled reverse primer (standard desalting)IDTDNA73.20132.293.750.58
    96-well PCR plateVWR International315.101003.15
    Promega PCR master mixFisher Scientific88.402.0842.43
Standard reagent and supplies
    Bar-coded 96-well plateBioExpress1,412.3550067.502.96
    Hi-Di FormamideLife Technologies36.4521.4861.504.56
    MapMarker X-Rhodamine size standardBioVentures335.008029.384.55
Fragment analysis
    Shipping to sequencing core facility16.17
    CE fragment analysis on ABI3730XL52.50
Total cost per 96-well plate127.15
Total cost per well1.32
  • a IDTDNA, Integrated DNA Technologies.