Accuracy of serotype predictions

ResultNo. of genomes (% of total)
Reads mapping, CDC strainsReads mapping, GenomeTrakr strainsAssembled genomes
Expected serotypea304 (98.7)3,061 (92.6)324 (91.5)
Unexpected serotype2 (0.65)205 (6.2)b11 (3.1)b
Partial or no serotypec2 (0.65)40 (1.2)19 (5.4)
Total tested3083306354
  • a The identification of the predicted serotype was considered correct when the serotype antigens detected corresponded to the antigens detected by conventional methods. See Text S1 in the supplemental material for a discussion of interpretation of serotype results. For GenomeTrakr and genome assembly datasets, serotype prediction in consensus with annotated serotype was considered correct.

  • b Numbers represent serotype predictions inconsistent with the annotated serotype; the accuracy of the annotated serotype is unknown.

  • c Some or all of the expected serotype determinants were not detected.