Evaluation of PhyResSE with respect to resistance-mediating mutationsa

Resistance-mediating gene sequencedNo. of SNPs detected by Sanger sequencing (total no. of strain sequences)No. of SNPs detected by WGS/interpreted by PhyResSE (total no. of strain sequences)No. of discordant SNPsNo. of discordant strains% Concordanceb
rpoB20 (92)22 (92)2297.83c
katG27 (92)27 (92)00100
inhA2 (3)4 (92)20d100
ahpC1 (3)1 (92)00100
rrs2 (92)2 (92)00100
rpsL20 (92)20 (92)00100
gidB72 (92)73 (92)1198.91c
embB16 (92)18 (92)2297.83c
embA0 (4)1 (92)10d100
embC1 (4)1 (92)00100
pncA11 (92)12 (92)1197.83e
  • a Results obtained by Sanger sequencing and WGS data interpreted by PhyResSE are compared, and numbers of identical and differing results are listed.

  • b Related to the total number of strain sequences.

  • c Heteroresistant.

  • d Not Sanger sequenced.

  • e Covered by reverse primer.