Demographic and clinical data of the CF patientsa

PatientAge (yrs)SexOral conditionsNo. of DMFTNo. of cells/fieldSputum qualityNo. of isolates of P. aeruginosaPFGE clonal group(s)
Wild typeMucoidWild typeMucoidWild typeMucoidWild typeMucoid
NC 112MNg&Np0>25<10Poor0000
NC 213MNg&Np010–25>25Acceptable0000
NC 315FNg&Np1>25<10Poor0000
NC 416MNg&Np4<10<25Appropriate0000
NC 527FNg&Np12<10>25Appropriate0000
CC 116FNg&Np110–25>25Acceptable20105 and 65
CC 217MNg&Np110–25>25Acceptable101011
CC 324MNg&Np4>2510–25Poor00117a7b
CC 428MNg&Np910–25>25Acceptable2102444
CC 534FNg&Np610–25>25Acceptable00222 and 32 and 3
  • a NC, patients not colonized by P. aeruginosa; CC, patients chronically colonized by P. aeruginosa; M, male; F, female; Ng&Np, no gingivitis and no periodontitis; DFMT, decayed, missing, or filled teeth; SECs, squamous epithelial cells; WBCs, white blood cells.