Gene content of the SerotypeFinder O and H databasesa

Antigen typeGene(s)No. of variantsSize (bp)n% IDAccession no. or reference strainb
O1wzx, wzy1, 1GU299791
O2wzxc, wzy1, 1EU549863
O3wzx, wzy1, 1EU694097
O4wzx, wzy1, 1AY568960
O5wzx, wzy1, 2AB811596,* (AB811596*, CAPL01000042)
O6wzx, wzy3, 3(AJ426045, CP002185, AB811597*), (AJ426045, CP002185, AJ426423)
O7wzx, wzy3, 3CP003034, AB490074, AF125322
O8wzx, wzy1, 1AF013583
wzm, wzt2, 2AB010150, AB811598*
O9 (O9a)wzm, wzt3, 3AB010294, D43637, AB010293
O10wzx, wzy1, 1AB811599*
O11wzx, wzy1, 1HQ388393
O12wzx, wzy1, 1AB811600*
O13wzx, wzyd1, 1EU296422, EU296422/EU296423
O15wzx, wzy1, 1AY647261
O16wzx, wzy1, 1AB811601*
O17wzxe, wzyf1, 1AB812084*/AB972416*, DQ000314
O18(ab/ac)wzx, wzy2, 3(AB811602*, GU299793), (AB811602*, GU299793, AB811603*)
O19wzx, wzy1, 1AB811604*
O20wzx, wzy1, 1AB811605*
O21wzx, wzy1, 1EU694098
O22wzx, wzy1, 2DQ851855, (DQ851855, AB811606)
O23wzx, wzy1, 1AB811607*
O24wzx, wzy1, 1DQ220292
O25wzx, wzy1, 1GU014554
O26wzx, wzy1, 1AF529080, (AF529080)
O27wzx, wzy1, 1GU014555
O28(ab/acg)wzx, wzy3, 2(AB811608*, AB811609*, DQ462205/FJ539194), (AB811608*, DQ462205/FJ539194)
O29wzx, wzy1, 1EU294173
O30wzx, wzy1, 1AB811610*
O32wzx, wzy1, 1EU296410
O33wzx, wzy1, 1AB811611*
O34wzx, wzy1, 1AB811612*
O35wzx, wzy1, 1FJ940774
O36wzx, wzy1, 1AB811613*
O37wzx, wzy1, 1AB811614*
O38wzx, wzy1, 1AB811615*
O39wzx, wzy1, 1AB811616*
O40wzx, wzy1, 1EU296417
O41wzx, wzy1, 1AB811617*
O42gwzx, wzy1, 1DQ462205/FJ539194
O43wzx, wzy1, 1AB811619*
O44wzx, wzyf1, 1AB811620*, DQ000314
O45wzx, wzy3, 5(JN859200, JN859208, CU463050), (AIGX01000028, JN859208, CU463050, JN859205, AY771223)
O46wzx, wzy1, 1AB811621*
O48wzx, wzy1, 1AB811622*
O49wzx, wzy1, 1AB811623*
O50wzxc, wzy1, 1EU549863, AB811624*
O51wzx, wzy1, 1AB812020*
O52wzm, wzt1, 1AY528413
O53wzx, wzy1, 1EU289392
O54wzx, wzy1, 1AB812085*
O55wzx, wzy3, 2(AB353132, AB353133, JH958641), (AB353132, CP003109)
O56wzx, wzy1, 1DQ220293
O58wzx, wzy1, 1EU294175
O59wzx, wzy1, 1AY654590
O60wzm, wzt1, 1AB812022*
O61wzx, wzy1, 1GU220362
O62wzx, wzy1, 1AB812023*
O63wzx, wzy2, 1(EU549862, FJ539195), EU549862
O64wzx, wzy1, 1AB812025*
O65wzx, wzy1, 1AB812026*
O66wzx, wzy1, 1DQ069297
O68wzx, wzy1, 1AB812027*
O69wzx, wzy1, 1AB812028*
O70wzx, wzy1, 1FN995094
O71wzx, wzy1, 1GU445927
O73wzx, wzy1, 1DQ000313
O74wzx, wzy1, 1AB812030*
O75wzx, wzy1, 1GU299795
O76wzx, wzy1, 1AB812031*
O77wzxe, wzy1, 1(AB812084*/AB972416*), AB972416*
O78wzx, wzy1, 1FJ940775
O79wzx, wzy1, 1EU294162
O80wzx, wzy1, 1AB812032*
O81wzx, wzy1, 1CU928162
O82wzx, wzy1, 1AB812034*
O83wzx, wzy2, 1(AB812035, 289152760), AB812035*
O84wzx, wzy1, 1AB812036*
O85wzx, wzy1, 1GU299798
O86wzx, wzy3, 1(AY220982, AY667408, AY670704), AY220982
O87wzx, wzy1, 1EU294177
O88wzx, wzy1, 1AB812037*
O89wzm, wzt1, 1AB812038*
O90wzx, wzy1, 1AB812039*
O91wzx, wzy1, 1AY035396
O92wzm, wzt1, 1AB812040*
O93wzx, wzy1, 1AB812041*
O95wzm, wzt1, 1AB812042*
O96wzx, wzy1, 1AB812043*
O97wzm, wzt1, 1AB812042*
O98wzx, wzy1, 1DQ180602
O99wzm, wzt1, 1FJ940773
O100wzx, wzy1, 1AB812045*
O101wzm, wzt1, 1GQ499340, AB812046*
O102wzx, wzy1, 2JX087966, (AB812047*, JX087966)
O103wzx, wzy3, 7(NC_013353, AB704860, EF027106), (EF027120, EF027119, EF027116, AP010958, EF027115, EF027117, EF027106)
O104wzx, wzy5, 1(AF361371, KB021482, CP003301, AFPS01000083, AFOB02000091), AF361371
O105wzx, wzy1, 1EU294171
O106wzx, wzy1, 1DQ000315
O107wzx, wzy1, 1EU694095
O108wzx, wzy1, 1AB812048*
O109wzx, wzy1, 1HM485572
O110wzx, wzy1, 1AB812049*
O111wzx, wzy2, 2(AP010960, JN887675), (NC_013364, JN887675)
O112(ab/ac)wzx, wzy2, 2EU296413, EU296405
O113wzx, wzy1, 1AF172324
O114wzx, wzy1, 1AY573377
O115wzx, wzy1, 1GU068041
O116wzx, wzy1, 1AB812051*
O117wzx, wzy1, 2EU694096, (EU694096, DQ465247)
O118wzxh, wzy1, 1HM204927/HM204926, HM204927
O119wzx, wzy1, 1GQ499368
O120wzx, wzy1, 1AB812052*
O121wzx, wzy1, 4JN859209, (JN859209, JN859212, AY208937, JN859216)
O123wzx, wzyi2, 1(DQ676934, DQ676933), DQ676934
O124wzx, wzy1, 1EU296419
O125(ab/ac)wzx, wzy2, 22745-53Canioni*, 2129-54Ewing*
O126wzx, wzy2, 2DQ465248, GU068042, DQ465248, GU068042
O127wzx, wzy3, 2(FM180568, AY493508, AB812054*), (FM180568, AY493508)
O128(ab/ac)wzx, wzy3, 2(56-54Cigleris*, 5564-64*, AY217096), (56-54Cigleris*, 5564-64*)
O129wzx, wzy1, 2EU296424, (EU296424, AB972421*)
O130wzx, wzy1, 1EU296421
O131wzx, wzy1, 1AB812055*
O132wzx, wzy1, 1AB812056*
O133wzx, wzy1, 1AB812057*
O134wzx, wzy1, 1AB812058*
O135wzx, wzyd1, 1EU296423, EU296422/EU296423
O136wzx, wzy1, 1AB812059*
O137wzx, wzy1, 1AB972423*
O138wzx, wzy1, 1DQ109551
O139wzx, wzy1, 1DQ109552
O140wzx, wzy1, 1AB812060*
O141(ab/ac)wzxj, wzy1, 3E68*/RVC2907*, (DQ868765, E68*, RVC2907*)
O142wzx, wzy1, 1AB812061*
O143wzx, wzy1, 1EU294164
O144wzx, wzy1, 1AB812062*
O145wzx, wzy2, 3(CP006262, JN850039), (CP006262, AY863412, JN850039)
O146wzx, wzy1, 1DQ465249
O147wzx, wzy1, 1DQ868766
O148wzx, wzy2, 1(DQ167407, AAJT02000037), DQ167407
O149wzx, wzy1, 1DQ091854, DQ868764
O150wzx, wzy1, 1EU294168
O151wzxh, wzy1, 1HM204927/HM204926, HM204926
O152wzx, wzy1, 1EU294170
O153kwzx, wzy1, 1AB812063*/E54071*
O154wzx, wzy1, 1AB812064*
O155wzx, wzy1, 1AY657020
O156wzx, wzy1, 1AB812065*
O157wzx, wzy7, 9(AB602252, AB602249, AB602253, AKMA01000036, AKLI01000048, JH959508, AB602250), (JH964427, AB602249, JH970567, AB602253, AMUN01000113, AF061251, AKLQ01000042, AKLV01000031, JH953200)
O158wzx, wzy1, 1GU068044
O159wzx, wzy1, 1EU294176
O160wzx, wzy1, 1AB812066*
O161wzx, wzy1, 1GU220361
O162wzm, wzt1, 1AB812067*
O163wzx, wzy1, 1AB812068*
O164wzx, wzy1, 1EU296420
O165wzx, wzy1, 1GU068045
O166wzx, wzy1, 1GU299794
O167wzx, wzy1, 1EU296408
O168wzx, wzy1, 1EU296403
O169wzx, wzyl1, 1AB812069*, AB812069*/AB627352
O170wzx, wzy1, 1AB812070*
O171wzx, wzy1, 1AB812071*
O172wzx, wzy1, 1AY545992
O173wzx, wzy1, 1GU068046
O174wzx, wzy1, 1DQ008592
O175wzx, wzy1, 1AB812073*
O176wzx, wzy1, 1AB812074*
O177wzx, wzy1, 1DQ008593
O178kwzx, wzy1, 1AB812063*/AB812075*
O179wzx, wzy1, 1AB812076*
O180wzx, wzy1, 1JQ751058
O181wzx, wzy1, 1AB812078*
O182wzx, wzy1, 1AB812079*
O183wzx, wzyl1, 1AB627352, AB812069*/AB627352
O184wzx, wzy1, 1AB812080*
O185wzx, wzy1, 1AB812081*
O186wzx, wzyi1, 1AB812082*, DQ676934
O187wzx, wzy1, 1AB812083*
H1fliC21,78899.83L07387*, AB028471*
H2fliC21,494 (1)99.60AIHA01000023
1,497 (1)AF543692
H4fliC31,05098.46–98.86AJ605764*, AJ605765, AJ536600
H5fliC21,31198.32AY249990*, AY337469
H6fliC31,647 (2)98.97–99.64AIEY01000041, AY249991*
1,653 (1)AIFA01000047
H7fliC161,75897.50–99.94AY337468, JH694260, KB000721, KB007180, AOES01000098, KB006714, JH946604, AF228487, AF228496, AF228495, AB334575, AB334574, AF228494, AF228491, AF228492, AB028474*
H8fliC21,47999.12AJ865465, AJ884569
H10fliC21,26399.76AY337482, AY249995*
H11fliC21,46799.86AY337465, AY337472
H12fliC41,78899.38–99.89AB028475*, AY337474, AIFX01000055, AY337471
H16fliC61,575 (3)99.75–99.94AB128919, JH954529, JH953794
1,578 (3)AY337476, AY337477, AY337475
H17fliC21,05099.24AJ515904, AJ605766
H19fliC21,833 (1)99.24AY337479
1,842 (1)AY250002*
H24mfliC11,482K72 (H25w)*
H26fliC21,67499.82AY250008, AY337483
H28fliC21,74098.79AAJT02000052, AY250010
H29fliC31,323 (2)98.57–99.92JH965342, AY337485
1,332 (1)AY250012
H31fliC21,66897.18CP000247, AY250013
H34fliC21,63899.82AF345850, AY250016*
H38fliC31,34499.63–99.93AY337466, AY337473, AY250018*
H42fliC21,28199.84AY337470, AY250021*
H46fliC21,713 (1)99.65AB028478*
1,719 (1)AY250024*
H49fliC21,695 (1)99.82AY250026*
1,698 (1)AB028480
H51fliC21,81899.94AY250027*, AB028481*
H52fliC21,34499.93AY250028*, AVRH01000047
  • a Gene sizes and similarities within genes are only shown for the flagellar genes fliC, flkA, flmA, flnA, and fllA.

  • b Variant sequences obtained by sequencing of reference strains (see∼/media/49802860CB5E44D6A373E6116ABBDC0D.ashx) are marked with asterisks. Parentheses indicate the respective sources of the unique wzx and wzy sequences. For example, for O6, two wzx and wzy sequences were obtained from AJ426045 and CP002185, respectively, one wzx sequence was obtained from AB811597, and one wzy sequence was obtained from AJ426423.

  • c O2/O50 wzx variant.

  • d O13/O135 wzy variant.

  • e O17/O77 wzx variant.

  • f O17/O44 wzy variant.

  • g One variant of O28ac wzx and wzy is shared with O42.

  • h O118/O151 wzx.

  • i O123/O186 wzy variant.

  • j O141ab/O141ac wzx variant.

  • k O153/O178 wzx and wzy variants.

  • l O169/O183 wzy variant.

  • m The H24 strain K72 (H25w) was sequenced in this study, and the fliC variant was extracted for inclusion in the H database.

  • n Numbers in parentheses are the numbers of sequences of the given length.