Discrepancies between O types reported by the wzx and wzy genes (or wzm and wzt)

Conventional O type (no. of isolates)SerotypeFinder IDa
O50 (1)O50/O2O50
O2 (3)O50/O2O2
O169 (2)O169O169/O183
O183 (1)O183O169/O183
O123 (2)O123O123/O186
O186 (1)O186O123/O186
O17 (2)O17/O77O17/O44
O44 (1)O44O17/O44
O118 (6)O118/O151O151 (5), O118 (1)
O151 (1)O118/O151O151
O135 (1)O13O13/O135
O164 (1)O164O124
O127 (1)O90O127
O134 (1)O134O46 (incomplete gene)
O128 (4), O128a (1), O128ab (3), O128abc (4)O128abO128ac
O101 (1)O162O101
  • a Boldface indicates the gene variant that should be used for prediction of the specific O type. For 37 isolates included in the validation, SerotypeFinder detected wzx and wzy (or wzm and wzt) genes belonging to different O types within the isolate.