Patient characteristics

No. of patients264
Median age (IQRb 25–75), yr27 (21–37)
    Age of ≥50 yr34 (13)
    White82 (31)
    African American105 (40)
    Hispanic38 (14)
Pregnantc24 (9)
Diabetes24 (9)
History of STI71 (27)
Postmenopausald39 (15)
    One or more UTI-related symptomsf175 (66)
    One or more UTI-related symptoms without vaginal symptomsg129
    One or more traditional UTI symptomsh126 (48)
    One or more traditional UTI symptoms without vaginal symptoms96
    Dysuria and frequency52 (20)
    Dysuria and frequency without vaginal symptoms48
    Vaginal symptoms with no UTI-related symptoms40 (15)
    Nonspecific symptoms with no UTI-related or vaginal symptoms49 (19)
  • a Data are the number (%) of patients, unless otherwise indicated.

  • b IQR, interquartile range.

  • c Twenty of the pregnancies were at ≤14 weeks of gestation, and four were between 15 and 19 weeks of gestation.

  • d Documented postmenopausal status (n = 33) or age of >50 years if status not documented (n = 6).

  • e No documentation of any UTI-related symptom in 2 patients, no documentation of any traditional UTI symptoms in 27 patients, and no documentation of any vaginal symptoms in 77 patients.

  • f UTI-related symptoms include dysuria, frequency, urgency, hematuria, other urinary symptoms, suprapubic pain, and flank pain.

  • g Vaginal symptoms include vaginal discharge, abnormal vaginal bleeding, vaginal itching, and vaginal lesions.

  • h Traditional UTI symptoms include dysuria, frequency, and urgency.