Details of the molecular procedures used by the EAPCRI centers investigating the performance of Aspergillus PCR when testing serum and plasma

EAPCRI center no.No. of serum samples/moDNA extraction vol (ml)DNA extraction systemVol (μl) of:PCR target geneSensitivity (%) in:
100.2MagNA Pure50102018S66.7100
2801QIAamp UltraSens virus701021ITS100100
3401QIAamp UltraSens virus381021ITS100100
4150.2QIAamp DNA mini50220ITS0100
5701MagNA Pure total NA large volume50102018S100100
62400.5EZ1 DSP virus60155028S100100
7500.5MagNA Pure total NA large volume10052028S100100
8100.5MagNA Pure viral NA large volume50105028S100100