Toxinotypes listed according to B1 and A3 RFLP typea

Toxinotype new designationToxinotype previous designationType strainToxin productionbB1cA3cType of tcdC genedType of CPEePCR ribotypefCDT PCRg
00VPI 10463A+ B+ CDT111D087neg
0/vXXIV597BA+ B+ CDT+112D131pos
IIEX 623A+ B+ CDT141D102neg
IIIIAC 008A+ B+ CDT131D103neg
XIIIXIIIR 9367A+ B+ CDT191D070neg
XVIIIXVIIIK095A+ B+ CDT111d1D014neg
XIXXIXTR13A+ B+ CDT15d1D018neg
XXXXTR14A+ B+ CDT16d1DSLO 005neg
XXVIXXVI7459A+ B+ CDT113d1D050 (CE)neg
XXVIIXXVIIKK2443/2006A+ B+ CDT114d1DSLO 037neg
XXIXXXIXCD07-140A+ B+ CDT116d1D001neg
IVIV55767A+ B+ CDT+224D023pos
VVSE 881A+ B+ CDT+383D045pos
VIVI51377A+ B+ CDT+35 d3D127pos
VIIVII57267A+ B+ CDT+36 d3D063pos
XVIXVISUC36A B+ CDT+310d3D078pos
XXVIIIXXVIIICD08-070A+ B+ CDT+315d3D126pos
XXIIXXIICD07-468A+ B+ CDT+411D027pos
IIIaIIIaSE 844A+ B+ CDT+422D080pos
IIIbIIIbR 12087A+ B+ CDT+422D027pos
IIIcIIIcCH6230A+ B+ CDT+423D251pos
IIIdIII3073A+ B+ CDT+422NDSLO 042pos
IIIeIIIAI 541A+ B+ CDT+421ND251pos
XXVXXV7325A+ B+ CDT+4122D027pos
XaX8864A B+ CDT+5negnegS591 (CE)pos
XbXVIIJ9965A B+ CDT+5negnegSSLO 032pos
XXXIXXXIWA 151A B+ CDT+5negnegSSLO 098pos
XXIXXICH6223A+ B+ CDT511SSLO 035neg
IXaIX51680A+ B+ CDT+521S019pos
IXbIXTFA/V20-1A+ B+ CDT+522S244pos
IXcXXIII8785A+ B+ CDT+521S109pos
IXdnew1732874A+ B+ CDT+523NDSLO 228pos
VIIIVIII1470A B+ CDT57 d1S017neg
XIIXIIIS 25A+ B+ CDT611D258neg
XIVaXIVR 10870A+ B+ CDT+723S111pos
XIVbXVR 9385A+ B+ CDT+722S122pos
XXXXXXES 130A B+ CDT+8negnegSSLO 101pos
XXXIIXXXII173070A B+ CDT9negnegD151 (CE)neg
XXXIVXXXIVCD10-055A B+ CDT11negnegDSLO 201neg
XIaXIaIS 58A B CDT+neg5d3033pos
XIbXIbR 11402A B CDT+neg83288 (CE)pos
XIcXIcOCD 5/2A B CDT+neg153033pos
XIdnoneTFA/V14-10A B CDT+neg21153 (CE)pos
  • a neg, not amplified with primers under the conditions used; pos, amplified with primers under the conditions used; d, deletion (detected already in an unrestricted A3 PCR fragment).

  • b A+ and B+ refer to production of toxin TcdA and toxin TcdB; CDT+ refers to the presence of a complete CDT locus (production of binary toxin not tested for all strains).

  • c Eleven types of Hinc/Acc restrictions for B1 PCR fragment and 16 types of EcoRI restrictions for A3 PCR fragment.

  • d Four types of NcoI restriction type of tcdC gene, indicating deletions of different lengths.

  • e CPE, cytopathic effect of strain supernatant on cultured cells; reference strain VPI 10463 and some variant toxinotypes cause cell rounding with remaining long protrusions (D [difficile type of CPE]), while some variant toxinotypes cause complete cell rounding, similar to the results seen with TcsL produced by C. sordellii (S [sordellii type]) (6); —, no cytopathic effect of strain supernatant on cultured cells; ND, not done.

  • f PCR ribotype is given for the reference strain.

  • g PCR for detection of CDT gene.