Clinical specimens used in this study and the corresponding sample processing methodsa

Study IDSelection rationaleNo. of samplesRegionSample type (no.)ExtractionTAC
MethodElution vol (μl)EnzymeSample vol (μl)
1Outbreak investigation105Kenya (various)SerumMagMAX200AgPath46
2Ebola virus outbreak49Monrovia, LiberiaWhole bloodMagMAX90AgPath46
3Hospitalized AFI patients186Kilombero, TanzaniaWhole bloodHigh Pure200AgPath46
4Hospitalized AFI patients16Moshi, TanzaniaWhole bloodHigh Pure100TaqMan fast virus kit75
5Patients presenting fever with blood culture positive for Salmonella6Uganda (4), Virginia (2)Whole bloodHigh Pure100TaqMan fast virus kit75
6AFI cases688Tanzania (various)Serum (419), plasma (214), whole blood (55)High Pure100TaqMan fast virus kit75
  • a No difference in detection of external controls (MS2 and PhHV) was observed with the deviations in extraction methods and PCR reagents (data not shown).