Summary of 7H9 broth microdilution MIC QC ranges against M. tuberculosis H37Rv strain for anti-TB drugs

DrugDilution range used in the study (μg/ml)MIC QC range (μg/ml)
First-line drugs
Second-line injectables
Oral bacteriostatic drugs
WHO category 5 drugs
  • a QC range derived from microtiter plate Lot-1 and Lot-2 only.

  • b Nicotinamide was included as a potential surrogate for pyrazinamide.

  • c QC range derived from Lot-2 and Lot-3 only.

  • d The modal concentration of clofazimine, 0.06 μg/ml, was the lowest concentration tested.

  • e NA, not applicable as QC ranges that included at least 95% of the observed values could not be set.