Performance summary of the FilmArray BCID panel versus culture for Candida spp. in positive blood cultures

OrganismIsolates detected: BCID/comparatorNo. of results: BCID/comparatorSensitivity or PPAa: TP/(TP + FN) (%)95% CISpecificity or NPAa: TN/(TN + FP) (%)95% CI
Clinical armSeeded armTP +/+FP +/−FN −/+TN −/−
Candida albicans20/1648/4864402,13964/64 (100)94.4–1002,139/2,143 (99.8)99.5–99.9
Candida glabrata14/1237/3749202,15649/49 (100)92.7–1002,156/2,158 (99.9)99.7–100
Candida krusei4/433/3337002,17037/37 (100)90.5–1002,170/2,170 (100)99.8–100
Candida parapsilosis9/752/5459222,14459/61 (96.7)88.7–99.62,144/2,146 (99.9)99.7–100
Candida tropicalis3/336/3639002,16839/39 (100)91.0–1002,168/2,168 (100)99.8–100
    All yeast isolates49/42207/2082488210,777248/250 (99.2)97.1–99.910,777/10,785 (99.9)99.9–100
  • a Sensitivity and specificity refer to performance with the prospective specimens only. PPA and NPA refer to performance with the seeded specimens. These are unresolved data and do not reflect the further investigations discussed in Results.