Summary of outcomes of discordant organism result investigations

Result and analyteNo. of resultsNo. of investigationsa
Comparator result confirmedFilmArray result confirmedBoth results incorrectbInconclusive
BCID FP results
    S. aureus4013
    S. pneumoniae211
    S. pyogenes11
    A. baumannii55
    E. cloacae complex312
    E. coli5122
    K. pneumoniae9432
    K. oxytoca11
    S. marcescens11
    P. aeruginosa11
    C. albicans44
    C. glabrata22
    C. parapsilosis22
    % of total FP results1828846
BCID FN results
    S. aureus4121
    S. pneumoniae11
    E. cloacae complex11
    E. coli33
    K. pneumoniae3111
    K. oxytoca514
    S. marcescens11
    P. aeruginosa11
    C. parapsilosis22
    % of total FN results5228218
  • a The method used was investigation of possible sample mix-ups, reculturing from frozen aliquots of the blood culture bottle fluid, sequencing directly from the bottle if isolated organisms were expected, or sequencing from resubcultured isolated organisms if more than one isolate per bottle was present. For bacterial resolution, 16S rRNA gene sequences were analyzed and for yeast, ITS1 was analyzed. See Materials and Methods for further information. Three apparent blood culture bottle mix-ups and one apparent bottle selection error were resolved in favor of BCID.

  • b See Results for further information regarding the indicated organism.