Comparison of FilmArray BCID resistance gene results to the prespecified comparator assay (PCR/sequencing directly from blood culture bottle)

Antimicrobial resistance gene(s)Isolates detected: BCID/comparatorNo. of results: BCID/comparatorSensitivity or PPAa: TP/(TP + FN) (%)95% CISpecificity or NPAa: TN/(TN + FP) (%)95% CI
Clinical armSeeded armTP +/+FP +/−FN −/+TN −/−
mecA in association with:
    All Staphylococcus isolates detectedb491/4942/248858281488/496 (98.4)96.8–99.3281/286 (98.3)96.0–99.4
    Staphylococcus and S. aureus isolates detected137/1390/013702118137/139 (98.6)94.9–99.8118/118 (100)96.9–100
vanA/B in association with Enterococcus isolates detected36/3628/2864006764/64 (100)c94.4–10067/67 (100)94.6–100
blaKPC in association with Enterobacteriaceae and/or A. baumannii and/or P. aeruginosa isolates detected6/6d33/33390055839/39 (100)e91.0–100558/558 (100)99.3–100
  • a Sensitivity and specificity refer to performance with the prospective specimens only. PPA and NPA refer to performance with the seeded specimens. These are unresolved data.

  • b Either Staphylococcus or S. aureus isolates detected or both.

  • c Of the 64 Enterococcus isolates, 11 (17.2%) carried the vanB gene as determined by bidirectional sequence analysis.

  • d All six isolates were identified as K. pneumoniae.

  • e These isolates included 30 of K. pneumoniae, 2 of E. cloacae, and 1 of E. coli.