Sample types and outcomes of culture and IS-proa

Sample typeNo. of samples by result
TotalOnly culture positiveCulture negative/IS-pro positiveBoth negativeBoth positive
Intraperitoneal abscess1801116
Head/neck abscess110317
Mamma abscess40004
Septic arthritis20002
Lymph node10010
Perianal abscess10001
Pulmonary abscess10001
Urogenital abscess50005
Wound/subcutaneous infection1400212
  • a No culture-positive samples were negative by IS-pro. Six culture-negative samples were positive by IS-pro. In four of these samples, the same species that was identified by IS-pro was detected with PacBio sequencing. The two remaining culture-negative and IS-pro-positive samples showed a very low load (<500 RFU).