Pneumococcus identification (by culture and qPCR) and density (by qPCR) in patients with lower respiratory tract infection and age- and gender-matched hospitalized controlsa

ParameterResults for:P
LRTI patients (n = 19)Controls (n = 19)
Culture positive (n [%])1 (5)3 (15.8)0.604b
qPCRc positive at detection limit (n [%])10 (52.6)8 (42.1)0.516d
Density (by qPCR) (geometric mean copies/ml [95% CIe])3,066 (1,225–7,675)2,208 (244–19,972)0.408f
Clinically relevant density (by qPCR) of >8,000 copies/ml340.999b
  • a Note the low rates of culture positivity and high rates of qPCR positivity in both the lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) and control groups.

  • b Fisher's exact test.

  • c qPCR, quantitative PCR.

  • d Chi-square test.

  • e CI, confidence interval.

  • f Mann-Whitney U test.