Performance of Vitek MS, Bruker Biotyper MS and Vitek-2 Compact systems compared with ITS gene sequencing for the identification of 164 C. guilliermondii isolates

Identification systemNo. (%) of isolates
Correct identification to species levelCorrect identification to genus levelNo identification (invalid result)Misidentification
Vitek MS system152 (92.7)7 (4.3)3 (1.8)2 (1.2)
Bruker Biotyper MS system159 (97.0)a0 (0)5 (3.0)0 (0)
Vitek-2 Compact system25 (15.2)122 (74.4)b0 (0)17 (10.4)c
  • a 130 isolates with identification scores of ≥2.0 and 29 isolates with identification scores of 1.7 to 1.99.

  • b Low discrimination between C. famata and C. guilliermondii.

  • c Misidentified as C. famata.