Reads in the metagenomic sequencing data corresponding to other viruses aside from CHIKV and ZIKVa

Viral species or genusNo. of readsNo. of samplesExplanation(s)
Human mastadenovirus A11Suspected lab contaminantb
Human pegivirus 1 (GBV-C)1,7101Viral blood commensal
Papillomavirus1–125Viral skin commensal
Merkel cell polyomavirus13Unclear clinical significance; suspected lab contaminantb
WU polyomavirus31Unclear clinical significance; suspected lab contaminantb
Rotavirus1–45Suspected lab contaminantb
Enterovirus D681–32Suspected lab contaminant (Greninger et al. [8])b
Molluscum contagiosum virus11Suspected lab contaminantb
  • a Viruses with nonhuman hosts (e.g., insect viruses, phages, mouse gammaretroviruses) are not reported.

  • b Detected in other unrelated sequencing data sets processed in the research laboratory at the same time.