Felid and raccoon Nobuto serum sample test panel and comparative analysis of F1-LPA and PHA results

Species (no. of samples)No. of Nobuto serum samplesDiagnostic sensitivitya (%) of F1-LPA
FemaleMaleSex unknownLocations (no. of samples)
Bobcat (13)580AZ (4), CO (2), KS (2), NM (3), TX (1), UT (1)84.6
Mountain lion (17)1061AZ (6), MT (1), NV (5), UT (5)94.1
Raccoon (8)341CO (4), NV (1), UT (3)75.0
  • a Percentage of agreement between F1-LPA and PHA in the determination of samples as positive or negative.