Biochemical identification of Pseudomonas fulva isolate

TestResulta for:
Our isolateP. fulvaP. putidaP. oryzihabitansP. luteola
Oxidase activity+b +
Production of water-insoluble yellow pigment on tryptic soy agar++++
Production of water-soluble fluorescent pigment on King B+
Nitrate reductionV
Arginine hydrolysis+++V+
Esculin hydrolysis+
Oxidation of:
    MannitolNDV++ or (+)
  • a +, positive; + or (+), positives and late positives together totalling 90% or more; −, negative; V, variable; ND, not done. Data for Pseudomonas fulva are from reference 27. Data for Pseudomonas putida, Pseudomonas luteola, and Pseudomonas oryzihabitans are from reference 3.

  • b The positive oxidase test result is based on only three strains studied by Uchino et al. (27).