Geographic variation in frequency of common and uncommon species of Candida: ARTEMIS, 2001 to 2007a

SpeciesSpecies distribution (%) by region (total no. of isolates)b:
APAC (44,674)EU (109,643)AF/ME (8,259)LAM (27,395)NAM (11,682)Total (201,653)
C. albicans64.467.967.151.848.963.8
C. glabrata12.611.38.87.421.111.6
C. tropicalis11.74.96.613.27.37.7
C. parapsilosis7.
C. krusei1.
C. guilliermondii0.
C. inconspicua<0.10.5<0.1<0.10.3
C. rugosa0.4<0.1<0.11.2<0.10.3
C. norvegensis<0.10.2<0.1<
  • a Includes all specimen types and all locations in hospitals from 133 institutions.

  • b Abbreviations: APAC, Asia-Pacific; EU, Europe; AF/ME, Africa-Middle East; LAM, Latin America; NAM, North America.