In vitro susceptibilities of fluconazole-resistant isolates of Candida spp. to voriconazole as determined by CLSI disk diffusion testinga

SpeciesNo. of isolates tested% S% SDD% R
C. albicans1,78228.18.463.6
C. glabrata3,55019.121.759.2
C. tropicalis62917.015.367.7
C. parapsilosis43139.220.440.4
C. krusei3,88979.611.39.2
C. guilliermondii15743.916.639.5
C. lusitaniae6355.617.527.0
C. kefyr2766.77.425.9
C. inconspicua29783.810.16.1
C. famata6237.124.238.7
C. rugosa24228.121.550.4
C. dubliniensis862.50.037.5
C. norvegensis10081.010.09.0
C. lipolytica3729.727.043.2
C. sake944.411.144.4
C. pelliculosa616.716.766.7
C. apicola10.00.0100.0
C. zeylanoides1546.726.726.7
C. valida1471.47.121.4
C. intermedia1100.00.00.0
C. haemulonii10.00.0100.0
C. humicola30.033.366.7
C. lambica425.050.025.0
C. ciferrii10.0100.00.0
Candida spp.b85047.614.637.8
  • a Isolates obtained from 133 institutions, 2001 to 2007. The zone diameters for voriconazole disk diffusion susceptibility categories were as follows: S, ≥17 mm; SDD, 14 to 16 mm; R, ≤13 mm.

  • b Candida species not otherwise identified.