Multilocus and 16S rRNA gene sequences depicting identical results from meningitis-associated S. salivarius isolates from 2 case patients and carriage isolates recovered from their anesthesiologist

IsolateAllele for indicated genea
glcKbddlAbpepObilvCbthrSbpyrEbdnaEbsodAbrpoBcsodAcpykcppaCctufcpflcmapc16S rRNA gene
0735d 4Unique341412Unique14UniqueRef 3Ref 3Ref 3UniqueUniqueUniqueUnique
  • a “Unique” indicates that the sequences for the genes (the ddlA, dnaE, sodA, rpoB, tuf, pfl, map, and 16S rRNA genes) were unique to these case and carriage isolates (corresponding to GenBank accession numbers GU556184, Gu556185, GUU556186, GU556187, GU556190, GU556191, GU556192, and GU175444, respectively). “Ref 3” indicates sequences identical to that given for the allele (in the database at ) that is from S. salivarius strain sk729 (also described in reference 3); the other 5 targets in this MLST scheme for strain sk729 differed from those observed for 0735. ND, not determined.

  • b These targets are as described in reference 6. Results with simple numbers indicate sequence identity to alleles with the same designation in this reference.

  • c These targets are as described in reference 3 and at .

  • d Identical allelic and 16S rRNA gene sequences were obtained for brain isolate 0735, 4 additional CSF or blood isolates from the 2 case patients, and 12 carriage isolates recovered from the anesthesiologist.

  • e Results for this isolate were obtained from an oral carriage strain highly related to 0735, taken from reference 6.

  • f GenBank accession number for the 16S rRNA sequence found within reference strain SS908.