Comparative virulence gene profiles of clonal group-associated isolates versus other Escherichia coli clinical isolates from patients with cirrhosis

CategoryVirulence geneaGene prevalence (no. [column %] of isolates)P valueb
Clonal group isolatesc (n = 54)Other isolates (n = 56)
AdhesinspapAH33 (61)17 (30)0.001
papC34 (63)16 (29)<0.001
papEF29 (54)16 (29)0.008
papG30 (56)11 (20)<0.001
Toxinscnf114 (26)6 (11)0.04
vat35 (65)15 (27)<0.001
SiderophoresiroN30 (56)18 (32)0.01
fyuA45 (83)33 (59)0.005
ire22 (41)11 (20)0.02
Miscellaneoususp36 (67)19 (34)<0.001
ompT44 (81)33 (59)0.01
  • a The 11 genes listed are those that yielded P values of ≤0.05. Definitions: papAH, P fimbria structural subunit; papC, P fimbria assembly; papEF, P fimbria tip pilins; papG, P fimbria adhesin; cnf1, cytotoxic necrotizing factor; vat, vacuolating autotransporter toxin; iroN, salmochelin receptor; fyuA, yersiniabactin system; ire, siderophore receptor; usp, uropathogenic specific protein; ompT, outer membrane protease.

  • b The prevalence of virulence genes among clonal group-associated isolates versus the prevalence among other isolates was compared by the chi-square test or Fisher's exact test.

  • c The distribution of isolates by clonal group is shown in Table 2.